Refreshing Rain Luxury Candle

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"You gave abundant showers, O God; you refreshed your weary inheritance." - Psalms 68:9

Take yourself care on a refreshing experience with our Refreshing Rain candle curated with watery notes and subtle crisp air scent! Blended with lavender, driftwood, and grapefruit essentials oils, this tranquil blend takes you on an aromatic retreat, helping you relax without a care in the world. 

Offering more than just a phenomenal scent, this candle adds a stunning accent that accentuates the beauty and elegance of this vessel to any space in your home and/or office. This vessel can be upcycled and used as a stemless wine glass, flower vase, and more after cleaning and proper candle care. 

Candle Burn Life is approximately 75+ hours with proper candle care.


Optional Candle Care Kit

The life of your candle is in your hands with this awesome candle care bundle!  Enhance your candle life by adding a kit to your favorite candles from our product line!

Inside you will receive a wick trimmer, wick snuffer, and candle care card

Customer Reviews

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Refreshing Rain!

The most refreshing aroma to smell that takes me on an escape and offers relaxation after a long day! It’s reminds me of a night breeze after a rain and flowers!

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