The Wellness Haven Co. (previously SCM Healing Essentials) is a faith-based wellness company committed to improving the lives of our clients by promoting self-care, building awareness about the importance of emotional and mental wellness, and equipping individuals with the tools, services, and resources to go from surviving to THRIVING!

From our luxury style aromatherapy candles, essential oil blends, and loose-leaf wellness teas to our personal development books and courses you improve your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

While catering to your own well-being; each time you place an order with us, a tenth of the sale goes towards ourĀ Wellness Haven FundĀ to sponsor individuals needing financial assistance in covering a percentage of therapy, life coaching services, and free or reduced Mental Health First Aid Training on a quarterly basis.

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Black Onyx Luxury Candle [Pre-Order until 12/11]

Black Onyx Luxury Candle [Pre-Order until 12/11]

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